The Natural Reserve El Matuy is an ideal location for events and weddings at the beach.

The ocean, a secluded beach surrounded by palm trees that contrast with the vibrant greens from a tropical dry forest, and the energy coming from the Sierra Nevada mountains, make El Matuy the perfect place to celebrate any kind of event.

Weddings at El Matuy

For those who dream of a beachfront wedding, El Matuy offers the ideal setting for it. The combination of a beautiful landscape, a secluded beach, and harmonious nature make El Matuy a unique location. And when the sun sets, the romantic atmosphere intensifies for a ceremony lit with candles, lanterns, and star filled sky or full moon.

Being aware of the natural environment at El Matuy, we combine natural decorations and local gastronomy. The dinner menu is crafted with local traditions and fresh ingredients in mind allowing your guests to embark in a truly unique Colombian gastronomic experience.

We also offer event or wedding planning services that include organizing different types of ceremonies, creating varied and delicious dinner menus, and the planning of parties with DJs, live music, and local entertainment.

Some of the ceremonies we offer are:
* Religious ceremonies
* Spiritual ceremonies
* Traditional Kogui ceremonies

At El Matuy, we understand that love is love and we welcome any kind of couples regardless of their sexual orientation.

Beach retreats and events

We have the infrastructure and services necessary to host different kinds of events.

Some of the locations are ideal to host events like yoga and meditation retreats, coaching sessions, or corporate events.

With beach kiosks, serene meditation spaces, and an ample wooden deck beneath a 50 foot tree, El Matuy is one of the best locations to host yoga and wellness retreats.

Being a natural reserve, El Matuy offers something unique to anyone and it is also a place to enjoy your time in the Caribbean Ocean with a backdrop of the mountains . Our natural space enhances your connection with nature while offering outdoor activities like kayaking, tubing, and day trips to incredible destinations. And at night, you can relax your eyes with our candle and lantern lighting, and enjoy the stars while sitting by a bonfire.