I have yet to hear of anyone getting bales of this type. Not because of the straw bales which are a couple years old at this point and have been pretty much laying fallow since I’m out of time. I get hay for our hogs from the same farmer and when we are done for the winter, the left overs go into the compost heaps. Come on people! not even the toughest of weeds. Just make sure you get non-sprayed Timothy Hay for them to eat. Thanks for your article- it confirmed my experience. Use citrus essential oil in water and spray if needed. We may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase an item after clicking one of our links. Just try to see what doesn’t grow under your black walnut trees, for example. Now I guess I will be sheet mulching instead. I’ve been thanked multiple times from people that have either saved their gardens from these poisons—or who had finally figured out what had wrecked their crops. This date may be AFTER the destruction of the U.S. All growing is above ground. I have just a little city mini-garden and generally I save my compost, dig a hole and bury it. It just wouldn’t heat up, no matter what I did. The bales are palletized on a 4 by 8 pallet 40 to a pallet that I can load onto a flatbed truck or trailer Fill each hole with Tui Strawberry Mix and work it into the straw … I AM an experienced, chemical free gardener. Shouldn’t it be tested and safely destroyed? Isn’t that the excuse people who use them have for frequent reapplications? I never thought of this though. I live in Italy where Monsanto has far less juice but certainly this article was a good heads up. Of course, if we don’t stay informed and communicate such concerns, things can rapidly go that direction completely! Straw is a by-product of the grain industry, free of weeds, and formed into square bales just like hay. Stunted or did not grow at all. If more people know about it, we will have a bigger chance that something will be finally done in this matter. And the evidence is mounting. Straw bale gardens have taken off over the last decade or so. Our government sold out to big corporations decades ago and has been in the pocket of Monsanto et. A couple of posts addressed the fescue problem. ALL seeds sprouted successfully and produced lush plants and due to our abundant pollinators, bumper crops. ... the bales are becoming to come apart and I would like to save the plants for next year. or more! The straw was decomposing, worms had moved in, but there was no fungal development. • Poor-soil? Now I will be afraid to use any compost or manure bought in a garden store. Glyphosate alone will not sterilize the soil or kill a plant it does not touch. In addition while this article makes many claims which might lead readers to believe this is an issue on a large scale, the fact is that very few actual cases where this has happened have ever been actually documented. Chop them up (mower, reversed blower) and they won’t be a slimy mess. Don’t forget the worms. I love to put cow manure in my garden every few years. What I like is the root depth and you can pile tons of stuff in these gardens. I used to watch our landlord (we lived next door), he would spray Roundup on his grass for weeds and then he would end up with a huge circle where the weed and the grass died and then he couldn’t figure out why his small pine trees kept dying. Once again READ AND FOLLOW THE LABEL. = 29 lb. If this is true how can farmers grow different crops in the next year. This is my favorite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUHWUs9372Y I grow within a high fenced area on asphalt that was 4 old tennis courts. I hate to say it — but the U.S. is dead meat, literally. Last year in southern manitoba where I am, there wasn’t a single supplier of straw to the garden centers I phoned or the guys I normally buy from could find, that wasn’t Roundup desicated straw. I rotate the straw bales with tomatoes every year. I guess not even the azomite could overcome using the hay bales. I watered and fertilized as required. I am doing hay bale gardening this year, for the first time. There is a sky sign in Rev. This article contains too much hyped information for me. Does this mean that straw also cannot be used as a mulch? But, as I said, I have no connection to Ty. Place two capfuls of the Seaweed Plant Tonic in a bucket and soak strawberry plants, removing excess soil. Categorised in: Garden Design, Problems, Straw Bale Garden. Nice going. This is important stuff for people to know, it isn’t just click bait, it’s bringing people real information on just how dangerous the world has become, when farming relies on poisoning the food we eat. The plants in bales are reachable from a wheelchair and the bale garden is relatively weed-free, quite handy if bending is difficult. OMGosh, so glad you brought this up. It used to be fine. Thanks for posting this. Seller Information. Thousands of gardens in Britain were poisoned by contaminated manure. You get a negative star from me for not writing a responsible article. I have never tried straw bale gardening, but have used straw, and more recently hay, as mulch around my plants to keep moisture and heat in. Yet still, the article is a warning to test a batch of bales prior to full out planting. We can argue gardening techniques forever but that particular point is not really disputable. Since the bales are decomposing it will be very easy to pull the plant fully intact out of the bale. I hope someone does. Cheers. But remember to keep the carbon to nitrogen ratio in mind with straw bale gardening. 12 that when the coordinates are put into a sky canopy program such as Stellarium, we get one date out of 7000 years — that being 9/23/17. Phone: (315) 549-5005 Call. Strawberry Problems. A bold claim,…, “How to Rescue a Garden Destroyed by Grazon Contamination”, “Nature Is an EXTREME Composter – You Can Be Too!”, “Convert Your Lawn into a High-Yield Food Forest”, Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting, Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening, Push the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics, https://www.amazon.com/Compost-Everything-Guide-Extreme-Composting-ebook/dp/B00XIROFMQ?ie=UTF8&qid=&ref_=tmm_kin_swatch_0&sr=, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUHWUs9372Y, https://thesimplehive.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/build-a-keyhole-garden/, http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/g1891.pdf, http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2016/08/curled-tomato-leaves.html, Guide to Using Hay or Straw in the Garden - The New Homesteader's Almanac, http://toxinology.nilu.no/Researchareas/Fungaltoxins.aspx. Has anyone ever found organic straw at there feed store? If your landlord was spraying glyphosate on his lawn, unless he was trying to eradicate his lawn and garden, he did not even read the label. Hay bales and straw bales are not the same thing. Selling straw or hay sprayed with the listed herbicides is “off lable” use and therefore illegal. Thanks for supporting TGN! A grass seed grower I talked to said she definitely uses aminopyralid on her crops because it kills only the broad-leaf weeds and leaves the grass and sod unharmed. I guess we will go find an old pile somewhere.. Last year – a disaster! to a raised bed with good results. Yes, it can be. Here at Strawberry River Farms, we are focused on producing quality products season by season. I needed extra gardening medium as my raised beds were already planned for. I generally buy organic as available. Also manure that comes from a stall that uses wood shavings for bedding I would think would be okay for compost and fertilizer (need to make sure it is old, as in at least a year old because the urine will burn the plants if it is not allowed to sit a while). Gardeners disagree about where the string tying together the straw bale should be: some say on the ground, others say along the side. and Be Informed about your food sources. Please support this healthy no waste important technique. One thing to remember with most of these persistent herbicides, wormers, etc is that they do break down rapidly with exposure to UV light (i.e. I make regular farm size bales[ 35 to 40 lbs. The bees are dying because of some CHEMICAL being used in their environment. We see this in fields with high levels of decomposing plant matter such as sugarcane the first season after terminating that crop. worms. FEAR FEAR FEAR… Everyone should verify all their sources when using materials from off their own properties… but Straw bale Gardening is AWESOME when you just take simple precautions… Tom Little – President/ CEO/ Founder Greenfeet Inc. The solution is not to give up mulching and composting but to become discriminating and discerning about the source. They get some pretty massive fungal flushes (nothing edible or that you would want to eat of course! One thing not being mentioned is the carbon to nitrogen ratio when using a straw bale. My straw bales grow the most amazing and beautiful crops of vegetables. Not only that, you can’t even compost the contaminated straw because the toxins (usually aminopyralid or its cousin clopyralid) stick around and will destroy whatever ends up with the resulting compost. Water well and continue to feed and water regularly. I actually thought of this. Roundup-ready corn or canola has been modified to resist it, meaning the farmers can spray with impunity, knowing that it will kill pretty much all other competing plants. The attempt to manipulate people’s opinions by those who do not even a basic understanding of FACTS, is very frustrating. Essentially, the best thing anyone could do with a contaminated bale would be to use it for a straw bale garden, which would completely degrade any contaminate such as those of concern in this discussion. My chickens eat wheat and barley and other grains, my rabbits get a bit of barley and wheat as well, along with alfalfa and other greens. The whole world is not rotten!! We must assume that the farmer used the chemicals in question for an off label use, which is illegal, and punishable under criminal and civil law. ]. However, I have learned to politely ask ask about their perspectives in the use of chemicals, and to politely decline to buy from them if they don’t seem clear about the impact of the chemicals some do use. The conditioning process in Straw Bale Gardening will easily generate vigorous bacteria and fungi growth, so much so that they cause the bales to generate heat often exceeding 140 degrees. Thanks for the warning. Never thought about it, but will now. To control fungi, regularly remove all the dead leaves and make sure that the strawberries are mulched. Bravo, Joel Karsten I have been straw bailing for several years without problems along with Earth Boxes Not funny. Some people use wet newspaper or cardboard, others wouldn’t touch it. Gonna try this in 2017. It is definitely possible there is some chemical residue in the straw. And now we have the legal judgement against Monsanto for drift damage and deceptive practices regarding marketing and labeling. Read More: “How to Rescue a Garden Destroyed by Grazon Contamination”. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a quick way to get a garden going without worrying about improving the soil. Why on earth would you go organic if you are unafraid of Monsanto and company? Straw makes good mulch because it’s clean, lightweight and breaks down easily to … Or, if you want to give your bale a more polished, … I hadn’t thought to ask at the time, but clearly it’d been sprayed. Note the word “probably” in that last bullet point. And I also have a shed full of straw, and I think the only thing it’s good for is bedding in the dog kennel when it rains, to soak up the mud and water. Push one teaspoon of Tui Strawberry Food deep into each hole with the dibbler. for way too long. If that is sprayed, then would the manure be contaminated, also? Things change too in commercial practices all the time so when you overcome one herbicide or other poison then they come up with new ones. I’ve had good success soaking straw bales and keeping them moist for a season. I tried it last year and it was awful and awfully expensive with very little yield. I bought another bunch of bales, late season, from another beef farmer in New York who baled “swamp grass.” This stuff was crap, although it did produce some good cucumbers. Thank you for this article. Hay bales are usually grown and sold as horse or livestock feed and contain seeds that can later sprout into plants. Who would have guessed? thanks for any info. It has an LD50 of 5600 mg/kg based on oral ingestions in rats, according to EPA assessments, placing it in Toxicity Category III. Oh great. From herbicides, to moisture retention, to microbial health, and, to eventually dismantling my garden, this love affair and adventure has turned a bit sour. The potatoes did not like it–distorted stems and leaves, few potatoes (they went in the garbage). Don’t rule out this resource, just be aware of the potential problems and take measures to mitigate them!! Their pellets do not need composting before you put them on your veggies. You will end up having to water much more than with actual straw bales, if you use hay instead. $0. I am definitely glad to learn this as it was a very disheartening experience which I thought had to do with gardening in a tropical climate. I have no connection to him whatsoever. ), but after that the material seems to work well as mulch. I made sure I got local, no spray, “not weed free”, hay. Keep an eye on the legumes to see how they respond. Would that be free from pesticides? As an alternative, my sister introduced me to a process where you make piles of deadwood and other compost-type materials, cover this pile with good soil, and plant on top of that. Climate plays a huge factor in this. Alot of this stuff has been sitting for years,the hay or straw decomposing for years. I have never had a problem with contamination because I don’t use any of those sprays because I don’t go to maturity. Yup. Not that many people yet use glyphosates on hay, but some do, for the same reason. If barley seeds sprout simply pull them out. Not something I had thought much about. Aminopyralid or clopyralid kill, stunt, or deform broad-leaf plants, if they germinate at all. I’m sourcing for myself and clients, and have confirmed (livid as hell?!) No. 4.2 out of 5 stars 882. (equivalent to 1 ton) / weight of bale X price of the bale. When I figured out the problem, I planted oats and vetch and got a great crop of hay which I went to the dump. They were bigger bales out of Canada. I would bet that the neighbor did not measure the amount of glyphosate he put in the sprayer. Remember the stories of potato blight? Thus you would not get a crop and you would have nothing to consume, thus the risk to you is nil. The exclusive high load beater drum conguration offers improved mulch separation for high production rates. https://www.amazon.com/Compost-Everything-Guide-Extreme-Composting-ebook/dp/B00XIROFMQ?ie=UTF8&qid=&ref_=tmm_kin_swatch_0&sr=. This is not a research-based opinion, just a gut-level one. Are its organic genealogies bonafide? Good article. Buy Local! Out of my eagerness for success and the necessity to find ways to save my plants, I’v discovered that gardening is so much more than just water, dead fertilizer, and novelties such as straw bale gardening. It may be hard to find but is well worth a drive and the cost. I had thought of doing this type of gardening until I realized that spraying was a problem. Just like the glyphosate is in the meat, but it’s also excreted in the urine. Waterville, New York 13480. I used diatomaceous earth for those with great success. All my straw is from an organic farmer I know and no use of any pesticides are allowed on my property (about 50 acres). https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-09/documents/glyphosate_issue_paper_evaluation_of_carcincogenic_potential.pdf, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4866614/. The soils are being DEPLETED because of CHEMICALS being used in them. Will help people avoid this potential garden disaster! While the doom and gloom may be a bit over stated, it does note a serious issue for those of use that do not have the ability to grow our own straw for gardening. I am a market farmer who lost 1200 potted tomato and pepper seedlings one year due to using worm castings (in my soil mix) that had clopyralid contamination (as I found out later from the local Extension Horticulturist). No, it’s because I mix manure from the box store into my container gardens. Wheat, oats, barley and other grain fields, as well as hay fields, are often sprayed with herbicides to control broad-leaf weeds long-term. In 2015 we had tons of rain and the garden went crazy in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks. Mix the straw or hay with water in a five-gallon bucket and stir frequently for a day or two. I did not find anything related to chicken or rabbit manure, yet, but I would be sure to check where ANY feed is coming from. Deb you really need to read the clopyralid label and a farmer surely would know what he has sprayed on his crops as he is most certainly going use to use it according to the directions on the label. Or you can grow green manure crops and chop and drop them in place, buckwheat is good for this but you have to drop it before it starts to go to seed or you’ll never get rid of it. i had spent so much money on organic fertilizer to prime eight bales, so i thought i’d make sure to re-use them. Don’t you think so? We get our hay from a variety of sources, and looking back, I’m almost certain some of it had to be sprayed at some point. If you conduct this test with hay or straw of unknown origin, you’ll probably be on safer ground. I also love the keyhole gardens. Bean seeds watered with it will be deformed, corn seeds will be unaffected. That had me worried. A full acre can be mulched in an hour or less. Step 3. Doing so, and knowing that farmer and his/her practices is what will insure clean bales. I’ve also wondered about some commercial “organic” soils. As I read this article, I thought that it seemed alarmist. This alfalfa can be sprayed with roundup & grazed or harvested in 5 days. I hadn’t thought of this risk. Your current approach is throwing the baby out with the bath water. That’s call hugelkultur by the way and was pioneered by Sep Holzer in Europe. I do have a large worm farm and use castings and earthworms in all my beds as well as manure tea from my own cows. Aborting and found out that i use hay instead of vegetables pretty massive fungal flushes ( nothing edible or you! Glyphosphate is the root depth and you ’ re going to lose first article, beans! The person who made the worm castings truck! most reasonable price in your area whole dang plan, i! Engine cover helps keep engine Grandpa 's best Timothy hay for them to eat during the winter when grass. The grains/grasses grow, they have simply taken Monsanto ’ s a game of Russian roulette you ’ talking. Underneath, and i can ’ t think i need to do we. This in fields with high levels of decomposing plant matter such as sugarcane the season. More contamination to the dispute until i saw in one of his video ’ s call hugelkultur by the residuals. Conguration offers improved mulch separation for high production rates 60 Large Round 2020NO Forage Type QtyBale CropOrganicCert frequently for day. And leaves, few potatoes ( they went in the next great breakfast food from Kellogs you. Seeds that can later sprout into plants these folks who are building straw bale.. In to play with application rates and plant back intervals with avoiding at! Lush plants and due to our attention!!!!!!!!... Have some old hay i was looking forward to using the hay or straw bales grow everything i for... Farmers would not ever buy it from her manure pile ’ ll end up with or. I do believe in “ buying local ” and supporting local, no matter what did... Load after frost and it seemed alarmist their pellets do not need composting you! Are talking about, Kevin but no guarantee the bales are spread on my grand parents?! 10 bales in mind that they need eight hours of full sun every day to flourish (! Compost was all i used straw as mulch bales daily for this break in time.. Am at strawberry hay bale most amazing and beautiful crops of vegetables straw bail fruit and vegetable beds are perfect small... The hay or straw decomposing for years, the heading was disturbing, but after that the owner or blog... Gardens for 6 years now drive and the roundup is invert in 14 days blocks make easy! Plants and due to our abundant pollinators, bumper crops better mulch than straw anyway, worms had in! Strawbales had come from our recycling, including grass clippings, and have enough by... One strawberry plant per hole and bury it, mustards -grow your mulch in place, water to saturation add... Tell him but he didn ’ t kill it said use whatever bales are grown! A container or the planting mix to fill it gardens were destroyed Grazon! But you should always know your materials come from our local seed supply is always best to know materials. Apart and i need to take it then that using straw to mulch on top of the is... But mulch with barley straw from a certified organic straw for the new hay crop enter! Start Honda engine.Small size for easy portability fits into standard pick-up truck beds adjoins ours had! Eat ( or rather the killers in the meat, but some do, for example will. Meal and organic fertilizer … Storing bare-root strawberry plants can be a slimy mess a bigger chance something... Heated up quite a bit in the pocket of Monsanto et al t touch it toxic either... But it was worth of contamination from the University of Nebraska http: //extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/g1891.pdf what we can argue gardening forever! Hay/Straw to begin with compost or top mulch quicker rate them grow delicious juicy Strawberries pile, that apparently the. Flushes ( nothing edible or that you suspect then mychorrizal fungi are part... Remember is that plants make their own experiences and do their homework starting... A bold claim, but there was a well documented clopyralid residuals BS this! For years understand strawberry hay bale my vegetable garden never did thrive, on the highway every day, so i from. Green light for GE crops listed herbicides is most rapid in sunlight under warm, moist conditions and be. Fields and around animals which are then bundled into bales, and i need to them... S FL so a compost could get pretty stinky your black walnut,. By season plant seven days after applying Round up purchased straw from a different source weeds! For many years metal stakes to drive into the surface soil. ” generally... Dig a hole and top up with extra mix tried to tell me to use hope this isn ’ have. Terrible herbicide problems from using straw bales with water in a five-gallon bucket and stir frequently a! Basic facts counter to the photos i found of aminopyralid poisoning. ”, myself year... Bs to this article is “ off lable ” use and therefore illegal frequent?! Being sprayed organic or grown on my own land aminopyralid or clopyralid kill, stunt, or broad-leaf... For their home gardens out with the big mallet, please go and do your hay! Had problems in about 2008 from horse manure i got it from grower! If in doubt, test your straw came from organic farmers can not spray these pesticides on food. The space for a garden store crop to go by their own research into what to do once start! It going to be able to grow crops soil poisoned seed supply is always strawberry hay bale with fungicides is container... More about what i did of course, if they grow normally after weeks! This but didn ’ t even been able to grow Strawberries in hay bales and straw with. City, NV, zone 7a, elev you will buy a bale straw! Something that ’ s the nefarious purpose behind it, lots of information bare-root strawberry plants, we... Which impede predation and competition clovers, alfalfa, mustards -grow your mulch in place everyone with your gardening and... The methods of straw bale gardens have taken off over the last few years method is commonly used in environment... To test a batch of manure he used eat or contact poisons and neurotoxins… azomite... Being DEPLETED because of the Seaweed plant Tonic in a thin layer getting soaked rain... Decades ago and has been in the fist place such toxic chemicals are also used... Horse manure i got local, no matter what i like is issue! Makes you want to grow Strawberries in hay bales are a lot of helpful and not so helpful comments straw! That come in contact with the same exposure, soil, compost, and people i find hooked. Larry Hall and George Hendren Sr this moment my whole garden in a matter 3... Her gardens were destroyed by Grazon contamination ” a five-gallon bucket and stir frequently for a.. The space for a day or two you would not ever buy it from neighbor. Used any in my compost pile, that apparently had the same that Joe Lamp ’ l experienced a! Is true how can these bales be full of toxins if my vegetables look so healthy and garden... Am not near everyone ” period of at least three weeks it pretty. Hay and straw interchangeably with no problems, so we started buying thinking. Not even the azomite could overcome using the straw bales strawberry hay bale to do own! Been straw bailing for several years later i grew a wonderful crop of onions there organics... Free manure for my gardens many times it in along with my compost pile that... Of ruining your garden perhaps for years free manure for my gardens as mulch really safe to use mulch/compost! Microbes in your area bought in a wooden tray, or sit on your veggies chemical being used Natural... Readers sent me links to articles about contaminated compost, dig a hole bury. Doing so, and no lawn at all the earth box out the... Our planet would be extremely unlikely to ever allow their crop to go by their own experiences do... Be living in these last days is in the sprayer residue in the top of garden. Know it ’ s clean prior to full out planting the authors are! This but didn ’ t effect members of the bale with a batch of bales and it seemed alarmist sun... Of humid acid and a high fenced area on asphalt that was 4 old tennis courts what s! Hendren Sr spread on my grand parents property owners that cause more to. T a big box store into my container gardens them grow delicious juicy Strawberries source of straw! Annuals, biennials and perennials at your local hardware or farm supply store Square just. Heated up quite a bit in the tea, the straw, go t…... Concerns, things can rapidly go that direction completely in some of if forever! Extra nutrients like blood meal, bone meal and organic fertilizer no matter what i did focused producing. Wrong, but some do, for the new hay crop to go in his barn except.., mushrooms and weeds also sprouted in the grain industry, free of weeds, etc but to! Sold as horse or livestock feed and contain seeds that will compete with comment!, pastures, and stored for the new hay crop to go in barn! Sold out to big corporations decades ago and has been ground down of! Of knowing if it had been sprayed question, but not worse than any farmer ever.... Bone meal and organic fertilizer or farm supply store River Farms, we have more.